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Meninadança is bringing together people who want to use their specific skill or expertise to make a difference. 


Whatever you do and how ever much time you have, you can help us change lives. 

What is Skillsbank?

It is a database of people from all around the world who want to donate their time, skills and expertise to help Meninadança achieve our aims.

The chances are, something you do well - either as a job or a hobby - could benefit one of our areas of work. From artists, photographers, filmmakers, and writers to computer programmers, administrators and event organisers, your gifts and professional know-how could help us do more, raise awareness and bring hope to more girls in Brazil.

And it doesn't matter if you don't have much time - you can specify how much time you have available, even if that's just couple of days a year.

Case study:

Matthew Dunn, artist

As a member of Skillsbank, Matthew Dunn, from Australia,  has used his talent to help Meninadança on several occasions, including designing material for our conference, drawing a portrait of Emilly (right), a nine-year-old who was murdered in Medina, and producing a print illustrating our work on the BR-116 (below). He has been called on twice a year on average.

Matthew says:


"I got involved with Meninadança after reading an article about the work they were doing with the Pink House.  After spending a number of years focusing on commercial art I wanted to start creating work with a greater importance that could have a positive impact in some way.


Since then I've made myself available for Meninadanca whenever some art or design work is needed, and I plan on working with the team for many years to come.  Their work inspires me greatly and I'm proud to be a small part of it."

Join Skillsbank

To offer your skills and time to Meninadança, please fill in this form:

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