Project 116

We believe it is time to confront the injustice being committed against young girls in Brazil, but we need your help to do it.

The situation

Time and again, we come across cases of abuse or sexual exploitation which, despite overwhelming evidence, are never even investigated – let alone prosecuted.

In almost every case we have found, in remote towns along the BR-116, reports of violence against young girls are filed away, dropped or deliberately forgotten – especially when those accused wield a degree of power, influence, or money.


Our mission

We want to take a stand against this, force those in authority to act and show abusers that they cannot destroy a girl’s life and get away with it. But we can only do it with your help.

We are creating a network of ‘advocates’, people who are committed to writing and posting, at most, four letters a year, a letter which could change a girl’s life for good.

The mayor of Taiobeiras: Read how your letters caught a man who used his money and power to abuse hundreds of girls 


We come together

When we believe international pressure could make a difference, we will email you details of the case and the wording (in Portuguese) of the letter we’d like you to write.


We make a stand

You write the letter by hand and post it, by registered post preferably, to the address of the judge, mayor, or other authority where we’d like to send it.


We demand justice

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of letters will arrive from around the world on the doorstep of the person with the power to bring justice to a girl’s life.

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