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Donate your birthday

Pledging your next birthday to Meninadança is great way you can help us rescue girls from sexual exploitation in Brazil, and get your family and friends involved too.

You can make your birthday really count - here's how it works.


Pledge your birthday

The first step is simple – just pledge your birthday, whenever it falls in the year, and we’ll get back in touch nearer the day.



a campaign

We’ll remind you to to start a fundraising page and tell your friends that, this year, you want to use your birthday to help change vulnerable lives.


Make a


Your friends will know that, instead of presents, they can give the gift of hope to girls who desperately need a new chance in life.


Use these timeline pictures and banners to tell others on your social networking pages.

We will also send you a photo from the Pink House before your big day.

Click for full size image and right-click to download.

Pledge your birthday today!

Pledge your birthday
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