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Dance school partnerships

Meninadança has developed a unique partnership programme for dance schools in the UK and around the world to make a difference in the lives of girls in Brazil, joining with them on a journey of hope and transformation – through dance.

Connecting worlds, changing lives


Build a personal, international relationship with a Meninadança safe house in rural Brazil, get to know a group of girls on the other side of the world, and share life together through dance.


Your dance school can make a personal contribution to our work and help girls who love to dance, but who desperately need a chance and a fresh start.

Share your news, events and dance achievements with The Pink House and they’ll share theirs with you in regular contact. Teach your students about the world and a new culture, raise their aspirations and give them an international perspective on life. 

Benefits of being a dance school partner

  • Adds an extra dimension to your students´ learning and awareness of the world

  • Involves the school, your students and their parents in a shared cause with personal contact with those in need

  • Cultural exchange helps your students learn about Brazilian life and culture

  • Increases your appeal by demonstrating corporate social responsibility

  • Fundraising events and publicity can increase awareness of your business in your local area

  • A partner logo you can use on your website, printed materials, clothes etc.

  • A framed certificate to display in your premises.

  • Live link-ups via Skype with the girls in the Pink House, where each group can perform, ask questions and talk about their lives.

  • Regular letters from our girls, with the opportunity for your students to send a letter back.

  • A visit from someone from Meninadança to present our work, explain more about the girls´ lives and provide updates.

  • Dance partner newsletters with updates on Meninadança´s work as well as news about activities and fundraising efforts of partner dance schools.

  • Future opportunities to take part in national events and link up with other dance school partners.

As a dance school partner you will receive:

What we expect from dance school partners

  • A monthly donation by standing order of at least £50

  • At least one fundraising event per year

  • At least one meeting with parents per year to explain Meninadança´s work and provide updates.

  • A commitment of at least one year.

Want to discuss becoming a Meninadança dance school partner? Please contact us.​

Watch a video made by members of One50 Dance, a partner dance school in Adelaide, Australia, for the girls of our Pink House in Medina.

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