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Meninadança's Pink Houses work with girls along a 300km stretch of the BR-116 which has the highest incidence of child prostitution in the whole of Brazil.

By adopting a kilometre you will help us reach and rescue girls, as well as standing up for the girls and showing them that you are on their side.

For £20 a month for year's commitment, or a one-off gift of £240, we will tie a pink ribbon to your km sign with your name on it. You will also receive a special mug and a certificate, and regular news on how you are helping us make a difference.




Choose your kilometre

Click below to find out which kilometres you can adopt and where they are.

Some kms don't have a number sign. If you adopt a km without a sign we will tie your ribbon to another road sign within your km. 


Set up your donation

Use the online form to set up your £20 a month donation, or pay a one-time amount of £240 to cover the year.

If there's a specific km number you would like to adopt please indicate on the form.


Receive your roadsign

We'll send you a special mug with a picture of your km sign. We'll also tie a pink ribbon with your name on to your sign and send you a certificate with a photo of your sign.